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captpfdennis 10-28-2012 11:19 AM

Unbeknownst - Parts 1&2
I have just published Part 2 of my mission Unbeknownst. The first part has a cliffhangar, so for those of you who played it, the second half is now complete.

Unbeknownst - Part 1

ST-HQYAWDNEU Level 31+ Fed

Unbeknownst - Part 2

ST-HGRWIBU4E Level 31+ Fed

You are tasked with transporting a dangerous prisoner to Bolarus for justice in the assasination of the Bolian Minister, but trouble ensues as the situation spins wildly out of control. I invite you all to play and enjoy it, or any other of the missions I have made. Thanks for checking this out. Have fun :)

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