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naldoran 10-28-2012 09:03 PM

BUG: Mobius Temporal Destroyer Grants +25 Weapons Power
This is a nice straightforward bug:

Wells Class Temporal Science Ship: 64/50 Weapons Power
Mobius Temporal Destroyer: 89/50 Weapons Power

Same character, same skills, no consoles modifying weapons power.

khayuung 10-28-2012 09:48 PM

Neat! Can we keep the bug? Please? I'll keep it off the furniture. :P

trhrangerxml 10-28-2012 10:18 PM

Noticed that one, though it wasn't a bug.

therealfluffy 10-29-2012 03:05 AM

Was it really necessary to reveal this to the devs? All fun spoiled... :mad:

somedudez 10-29-2012 03:11 AM

You got PWND by a temp destroyer didn't you?:D

It was me LOL

naldoran 10-29-2012 04:18 AM

Uh, no, I didn't get pwned by a temporal destroyer, I just want this bug quashed because no ship should be giving that much free power.

vonamicus 10-29-2012 08:04 PM

Honestly, a mere 150% over the stated weapons power bonus. Why it's nothing. They could get the same by finding a bottle with a genie in it and making a wish -- whoops wrong game. :o


scotty74321 11-02-2012 08:26 PM

SMEEEEEEEEggggggg aaarrrehhhh oohhh eeee, I just got to 901 damm lobi crystals , thinking mobieus, recluse , mobieus, recluse, mmmmm. mobius ,yeah yeah , do it do it, discover now , its super power is a bug and someone lets schroedingalingers cat out of the temporal bag, i think i'm. going to wait another month for the next ship, if there gonnae spoil the destroyer , hint DESTROYER.... with a bug fix, wheres my chuppa chups lolipop. hhmmph,

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