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momaw 10-29-2012 12:41 AM

It would be neat if aux power affected photonic fleet
My third and most recent character is a science guy, flying a Vo'quv carrier. And I've discovered the joys of running maximum auxiliary power all the time. My firepower is terrible but I siphon power to cripple tough enemies, throw out a devastating Sensor Scan, and give strong heals to my team mates.

But there's a key science ability that doesn't seem to be affected by auxiliary power, and that is Photonic Fleet. It's a neat ability, but considering the MASSIVE difference between summoning a pair of Birds and summoning a pair of bioneural-shooting Vor'cha, it's kind of unreliable.

What I would like to see, is that Auxiliary power is used to determine what kind or what number of ships you get from photonic fleet. Have the ceiling on summons be increased to something really nasty, like a pair of battleships. But: photonic fleet wouldn't just look at your aux power level at the moment it's used, it would be "charging" during its entire cooldown time. So running 100 aux power during its cooldown would give it more charge to spend once it's available, than if you normally run 50 aux power. Charge is only accumulated during cooldown, not once the ability is ready to be used.

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