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ut47 10-29-2012 12:02 AM

Mail mistake
Today I mailed myself some items from another character, and then a little later I was deleting old/exchange mails and accidently deleted my mail to myself with items in (because it showed up as empty but that was lag I guess)

My question is will those items come back eventually? Should I bother ticketing about it? It was contraband/romulan ale/data samples so I'm kicking myself for making the mistake :P

szim 10-29-2012 02:29 AM

You can write a ticket. But to be honest I doubt you will get those items back. Fortunetly they weren't that valuable.

xcom43 10-29-2012 02:46 AM

Most likely no you will not get it back.

But write Cryptic and and PWE and see if they can do any thing like reset your char be for it happened or some thing but i highly doubt that will happen.

If this is a large amount of items then i would be kinda ticked too.But once you delete them in mail system there gone for good.

The only way to get them items back now would be to have them reset the account to that time and date you sent it.

And like i said i highly doubt that they will reset a whole account for just a few item's that can be easy gain back in time.

darramouss1 10-29-2012 05:35 AM

You need to find peace with the fact that they're lost. Two reasons.

1) They have such a backlog of tickets that I really don't think they're going to spend time when you had to press the "are you sure you want to delete this" button for it to be deleted.

2) By the time they did get to it, if they wound back your account you'd most likely lose everything you gain from now until then.

hrisvalar 10-29-2012 06:12 AM

I utterly despise the mail system. Mainly its link to the exchange.

When you mail something to yourself, you have to label it in the title as being meant for which character, in case you forget, as every character on an account, regardless of faction, can read and loot messages sent to you by yourself or another player.

Not the exchange mails though. Yes, like the regular mail, all characters can read it, but only the character the mail was meant for can see and remove the attachments. And since these messages are unlabeled, people like me (with a lot of alts) are left with 100s of messages, all marked read, most by the wrong characters, which may or may not contain some left over exchange items for one of those alts. But you have to go through them one by one, on each alt, to check.

And when you've tired of that, you figure, what the hell, I'll take whatever loss for granted, no luck. Before we could wipe mails en masse from the forums. Now, one by one only. The last time I did a mass cleaning (prior to the PWE forum move) after I'd wiped out all 300 messages, about 100 of them came back from the dead. Some of those seemed to still have attachments. Some of those didn't, or were meant for alts that no longer existed and therefor couldn't be seen or claimed.

On the upside though, for you, OP, is that if that's any indication, there is a chance your missing mail may be returned to you by the system all of its own, so I'd keep watching your mailbox for the next few days.

maddog0000doom 10-29-2012 06:54 AM

the mail system in sto sucks big time .....

why do we need to mail saying u sold something thing so what if i sold something.

exhcnage item didnt sell and is being retured then for the love of god just have the items go back into my bags.

and for the love of baby jesus pls pls make a delete all mail button and retrive all items button too.

i gave up along time ago with keeping up with deleting the thosands of mail ONLY from exhchange with infomation i want and dont need.

and the constant beeping saying u got mail i only need to hear it once and dont need to see the icon flash none stop while im playing.

sometimes such a tiny change can make a huge differance be nice if the devs focued on the little problems that make a huge improvment to players experance in game.

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