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jellico1 11-02-2012 09:59 PM

Adapted Armor question
Will the new adapted armor ,Maco ,Omega,
Honor Guard all look the same ?

Will accolades unlock differnt changes like
The current Armor does ?

jellico1 11-02-2012 10:11 PM

Cryptic Studios Team
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Today, 02:10 PM

Originally Posted by stoleviathan99
With MACO/Omega Force armors now visible, the way they display is disorganized and somewhat confusing.

Here's my proposed change:

Mk X - The No Helmet version
Mk XI - Helmet and armor version
Mk XII - The variant helmet and armor version, previously earned by completing specials

The special unlock for people who complete specials - Facility 4028 gear visuals
Here's how it will actually work:

Mk X = No special visual (aka "Plastic Pajamas")
Mk XI = Standard STF Armor, No helmet, few "bits"
Mk XII = Updated STF Armor, Helmet, more "bits"
Mk XII + Complete all Elite Optionals = Variant of Mk XII
Adapted Mk XII = An entirely-new variant of Mk XII

(NOTE: There is no Adapted Omega. Only MACO and Honor Guard.)

Only the top 3 of the above costumes have ever been live previously, though some may have seen Concept/WIP art of the fourth one that will be released with the Adapted sets.
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starkaos 11-02-2012 10:12 PM

Adapted MACO which has the same stats as Honor Guard has a modified MACO look. Adapted Honor Guard which has the same stats as MACO has a modified Honor Guard look. There is no Adapted Omega since its a neutral STF ground set.

As far as accolades modifying the look, it has not been established yet. If you are Fed, you get the complete MACO Mk XII ground set and it gives you a unlock costume project and the Adapted Armor set projects. Get the Adapted Armor set and it gives you a unlock costume project.

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