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mira800 11-03-2012 01:57 AM

Cannot place Contact dialog box, please help
I was hoping someone would be able to give some advice or help, I'm creating my first foundry mission and am having trouble. I want my mission to start off where you have to report to Earth Spacedock and speak to a contact.
I thought, after watching videos of tutorials on the Foundry, that after filling in the first dialog box where the mission is given to the player, that you simply added an objective for a dialog box.
So far I have made two of the maps I need for this mission, but neither of them have any enemies to kill. I've started to make the mission, so far missing out the parts where the player has to speak to the contacts on Earth Spacedock, but obviously I'll want to put them in.
I can't select e dialog box to drag over until I've added 'cryptic maps' which to be honest I don't know what that button does.
Thank you in advance for any help offered.

zorbane 11-03-2012 03:38 AM

Drop the Earth Space Dock map into the story board
Drag a "Dialog with NPC" objective in the Cryptic map and select the contact you want to use

Watch this video. It will show you how to do exactly what you are asking -

mira800 11-03-2012 03:49 AM

Thanks for the link and your help. Hopefully I can sort it out now :)

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