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sophlogimo 11-03-2012 03:34 AM

Default shuttle selection bugged
I just was on my ship, in my transporter room, and had just selected a "default shuttle" when the Azure Nebula mission queue was full, so I was drawn into that mission.

My ship was, stat-wise, the Regent I was using, but myHUD and tray was all messed up - an it was displayed as the default shuttle I had just selected. Same is true for sector space now.

sophlogimo 11-03-2012 04:45 AM

Also, tool tips for healing powers seem to reflect the shuttle numbers then.

I found a way to reverse it: Selecting another default shuttle fixes it back to my normal ship. The original default shuttlewas a captain's yacht.

Edit: Indeed the Captain's yacht seems to be the only one triggering this (tested with a Caitian Fighter and a Runabout).

Edit2: It is not completely reversed, though. My Commander Engineer slots has somehow been cut down to an ensign universal... and and ens eng, both of which are displayed as slotted with the same officer. They do share the same cooldown, though. For at least partially fixing that, I had to re-equip my boff.

alexsanderita 11-13-2012 05:15 PM

I can't get HOW to select default shuttle.

I went to ship interior, spoke to Officer and check the box "Shuttle" under Default.

But it does apply it for the starship too. If I check the main ship as starship, shuttle got the same box checked.

How am I supposed to "load your shuttle interior from any ship interior"? Now I have to:

1) load ship bridge, goto turbolift

2) load eng deck, goto transporter room and select it each time

3) load tactical view with the shuttle

4) load shuttle interior.

That's 4 loading screens. Repeat to return to starship and start again, each time.

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