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vitzh 11-03-2012 10:21 PM

Mine Trap Bugs
Earlier we had a bug that prevented us from completing the mission "Mine Trap" We were unable to determine what caused it exactly.

We had reached the second part of the mission where we have to defend buildings and got the timer to 0 where it stopped. We searched map and found a building in the Residential Area (Building 2) at low health and with a Romulan stuck outside. Unable to complete mission we all eventually left.

Was wondering if anyone else has encountered issues like this with this mission?

P.S. Could the mining town in Mine Trap be made possibly into an assault map or warzone? It'd make a great place for a shootout as it has great cover, chokepoints and vantage points. (Yes you can get on the rooftops)

EDIT: Just double checked, posted this in wrong area. If possible please move to correct area or merge with this thread

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