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latiasracer 11-04-2012 02:30 AM

S7 Test Weekend Report
Clocked in about 4 hours on the test server yesterday, and heres my findings


*On "Azure Nebula Rescue" even if you cloak/mask energy signiture you still can't free the trapped ship untill none of the tholian ships remain. Tried several times, wasn't hit and the progress bar made it to the end.

*Into the hive ground and space (Normal) didn't reward me anything, and it seemed other players in the group got a reward drop

*New Romulus took literely 20 minutes to load. Don't think it's a problem my end, as everything loads much quicker than that normally.

*It's probably not a bug, but i feel it needs to be changed. 1.8 days for a TIER 0 romulan/omega force mission?!? Nobodys ever going to get anywhere! have that lenth for the tier 5, fine, but the tier 0 really shouldn't be anything more than 12hrs

Aannnd that's about all i found.

On a lighter note : Loving the GUI, and the best bit of all is that regular PvE's now reward respectable amounts of dilithium for winning. This is great, as alot of my fleet are still in thet mid-30's level wise, and they will be able to be more helpfull in special projects.

Good work!

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