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eristhevorta 11-04-2012 07:21 AM

Duff System Upgrade = Tear 5 (250'000 CXP)
Wouldn't you also like to see the next level of duffing? Tear 5 with 250'000 CXP would solve that issue for a while. Those who grew up with the duff system would have even maxed Tear 5 out if there was such one. We're all stuck at 150'000 CXP in every department and we wish to continue duffing. So what would we get if we reached Tear 5 (and an extension to 300'000 CXP for fleet mark farming)? All the rewards are character only unless stated otherwise.

Diplomacy / Marauding
  • An enhanced version of "Diplomatic Immunity / Marauding" with increased sector space warp speed and longer duration.
  • Direct transwarp access to New Romulus.
  • A second purrple quality opposite faction boff (not customizable) OR a Romulan / Reman purrple quality boff (modifiable with own uniform, not like the Reman boff from the FE). The player can choose.
  • The ability to safely answer for a successful diplomatic mission outcome e.g. "Cold Comfort".
  • +10 to the player's "Driver Coil" skill.

  • Access to the exchange and the bank on your own ship.
  • A discount of 10% on all vendor ware in sector space and social zones.
  • Dilithium Ore refinement cap raised by 200 per day.
  • +10 to the player's "Starship Impulse Thrusters" skill.

  • Special unique new emoticons are unlocked (account wide, only once). Which ones are up to the developers to decide if that would happen.
  • Six more inventory and twelve more bank slots.
  • Dilithium Ore refinement cap raised by 200 per day.
  • +10 to the player's "Starship Batteries" skill.

  • Two more duty officer assignment slots (account wide, can only be unlocked once).
  • Dilithium Ore refinement cap raised by 200 per day.
  • +10 to the player's "Willpower" skill.

  • Dilithium Ore refinement cap raised by 200 per day.
  • +10 to the player's "Starship Weapons Training" skill.
  • +10 to the player's "Starship Targeting Systems" skill.
  • +0.5% Critical Chance (Space & Ground).
  • +5% Critical Severity (Space & Ground).

  • Dilithium Ore refinement cap raised by 200 per day.
  • +10 to the player's "Hull Repair" skill.
  • +10 to the player's "Subsystem Repair" skill.
  • +2% All Damage Resistance (Space & Ground).
  • +5% Shield Regeneration Rate (Space).
  • +20 Shield Points (Ground).

  • Dilithium Ore refinement cap raised by 200 per day.
  • +10 to the player's "Starship Shield Systems" skill.
  • +10 to the player's "Starship Shield Emitters" skill.
  • +2.5% Shield Capacity (Space).
  • +20 Health Points (Ground).

  • Free of charge minor regenerators from the replicator while on an away mission.
  • Free of charge minor components from the replicator while in sector space.
  • CPR reviving takes one second less to perform.
  • Dilithium Ore refinement cap raised by 200 per day.
  • +10 to the player's "Doctor" skill (Science career only).

  • All Borg frequency remodulators take one second less to remodulate (e.g. Fractal Remodulator takes two instead of three seconds to remodulate).
  • Dilithium Ore refinement cap raised by 200 per day.
  • +10 to the player's "Starship Stealth" skill.
  • +10 to the player's "Grenades" skill (Tactical career only).

  • You get double the amount of colonists from the "Resettle Colonists" duty officer assignment.
  • You get double the amount of refugees from the "Support Colonization Efforts" duty officer assignment.
  • You get three additional fleet marks from every "Colony Invasion" event you do.
  • Dilithium Ore refinement cap raised by 200 per day.
  • +10 to the player's "Repairs" skill (Engineering career only).

  • You get a 20% extra energy credit amount for each sector you completely pass while the "Tour The Universe" event is active and slotted.
  • You may receive rare particle traces from anomalies without having to successfully beat the anomaly wavelength mini game. If you do successfully beat the mini game, you have a 10% higher chance for rare particle traces and you get two more basic anomalous data.
  • All "Aid The Planet" effort missions in star clusters offer the double amount of Diplomacy XP (unless already maxed out).
  • All accolades offer you the double amount of XP and Expertise (account wide, can only be unlocked once).
  • Dilithium Ore refinement cap raised by 200 per day.
  • +10 to the player's "Starship Sensors" skill.

starkaos 11-04-2012 08:08 AM

Slight problem with your idea. Tiers 1 to 4 in all but 2 categories just have duty officer and title rewards so moving these rewards to lower tiers would be better. Also the dilithium ore refinement cap reward only fits for certain categories. Trade and Exploration make sense, but some of the others do not.

hrisvalar 11-04-2012 08:36 AM

It's the other way around. Refining dilithium requires engineering and science expertise. Exploration and Trade would have little to do with the refining process. Not that I'm that hung up on that as an issue. (For Exploration, though, a gain to mining minigames might make more sense. Taking samples.) I'm not sure boosting the refining cap per character is possible though, without using special assignments or NPCs. It may be an account-wide thing. Trading could give us a Latinum (remember this?) for Dilithium exchange assignment. (Prerefined, preferably, but whatever...)

Also T5 can just give usanother one of the T4 Doffs, or they can expand the selection, or it can give us none that time. Most people who hit T5 will have a fairly full roster already. (With seven Maelas, five Jhamel's, eight Hildebrands, four Gaavrins, and a lot of other purple clones reminising of the good old days, when there was still green in the roster and the captain appreciated them more.)

I think doubling the colonists and refugees obtained from exploration clusters may be a bit much. An alternative I think might be to have the Support crit give you a good (50%?) chance for an uncommon or better quality refugee. Similarly, why not introduce better qualities of colonists as well and add in a chance for those, boosting your odds of critting their assignments?

And I have to say, I surprised myself with the following, but: The duty officer assignment slots under recruitment should not be account wide, any more than any CXP reward is. (Foot, consider yourself shot.)

But generally a good idea, though I have mixed feelings as I'm using the CXP to fleet marks conversion quite a lot, and adding in 150,000 more CXP to collect will make that impossible for a while. I can only hope they'd add in some smaller-volume fleet mark generating missions, to weather me and those using the fleet reports like me over, in the event of an upgrade of the Doff system.

darramouss1 11-04-2012 08:46 AM

I don't like the idea at all. With the DOFF demands of building bases, combined with DOFF missions being a source of fleet marks your idea would create a HUGE shortage of resources. I also imagine that the player base would resent this change.

eristhevorta 11-04-2012 01:33 PM

200 x 10 = 2'000 Dil Cap raise, that's why I split them into 200 each. Not because trade or exploration would make sense in the refining abilities being improved, but overall if you want to have the maximum of dilithium refined per day, you would have to reach Tear 5 in all departments.

I would also be fine with just adding 1 more colonist or enabling crit success on "Resetle Colonists" overall. About the refugee on crit success being green or blue, sure. Good idea as well.

It took us not too long to get to 150K, it won't take us very long to get to 300K, so the fleet mark conversion won't be held up for too long, if you're really into duffing.

If the duty officer assignments could be character-based increased, sure thing, then do it by all means. I just thought it's not possible.

starkaos 11-04-2012 02:04 PM

Still it doesn't resolve my issue with having tier 5 when there are no good powers for the duty officer categories except for Diplomacy. Marauding still needs a uniform for Tier 4. Some of your ideas would be useful for giving a decent reward for Tiers 1 to 4. However, more tangible rewards would need to be added like a unique weapon for getting to Tier 4 in Military.

eristhevorta 11-04-2012 02:13 PM

I wouldn't mind putting sum of the rewards into lower tears, sure. However, I think the devs might have issues with doing so.

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