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captainpurple 11-04-2012 12:17 PM

Suggestion: Mail, DOFF's, and BOFF's.
It's probably been said before, but I'll post my bit.

The drop down menu from autocomplete for mailing items to myself won't go away unless I select a character from it. If I use just the generic @handle, the drop down menu won't go away and obscures the mail title field.

Would like to see an increase of slots to mail items. More than five would be great. 10 or even more if that's feasible. My reason for this is mostly below since we can't put duty officers or bridge officers in our account bank.

Would also like to see Duty Officers as items when you drag them off your roster into bags or something to that extent. Would be able to make moving them between characters easier. Perhaps allowing us to put them in the account bank that way. Maybe even the same for Bridge Officers. That would greatly help out those of us with multiple characters with better management of duty officers and bridge officers.

Thanks for looking.

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