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jothan9092 11-04-2012 07:56 PM

Instance Limits on New Romulus
Dear Cryptic,

With the arrival of Season 7 close at hand (I'm guessing November 22 or around there) I thought it would be good to inform you of a problem that will arise with New Romulus. I know that is on Tribble only right now, but when it hits Holodeck it will be no different than it is now on Tribble.

I wanted to see it during my testing earlier, and it had not loaded before the server booted me for idle too long. This is not a new problem. Ever since F2P, ESD has often taken a considerable amount of time to load. DS9 has too, as the hub of all STF's for both factions, and I have hardly used it for a while as a result.

K7 is right now the best station in-game. It is fast loading, everything you commonly need in one of 2 rooms, and transwarpable (not to mention from TOS era). This does not work all the time as ESD has some exclusive things on it, meaning you need to use it once in a while. DS9 will soon have most of its burden lifted with the STF?s moved off of it.

New Romulus will be another such area and I intend to use it. It is major content and now I see it is even a story-arc to it, developing actively into the future Season 8. When it is just released it will be swarmed by people, which will slowly fall off as it becomes less new. But as a main source of Romulan Marks, it will always be heavily populated, and more so as an open zone.

I feel the number of players allowed in a single instance is at least 20 too high. Many people I know on the game have trouble loading the more populated areas, even on better computers. With the rise of New Romulus this needs to be addressed, especially as the largest map to date. Please? And thank you.

duaths1 11-05-2012 04:47 AM

yeah, even on tribble i noticed some mobs were completely farmed off, and i couldn't do the mission.

half an hour later the mobs were back, but this will be VERY annoying if happening on holodeck.

they should definitely set the spawners to the number of players currently present in the instance! better kill one too many than having nothing to do..

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