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kerven01 11-04-2012 10:43 PM

Tetryon array: Fire At Will III?
I've never experienced this debuff before on Holodeck. I assume it's a bug since a tetryon fire at will shouldn't be capable of doing this...

While fighting the named battleship during the new Vault : Ensnared space mission, I was hit with something called "Tetryon Array: Fire At Will III". It lasted quite a while, and not even 15 sec after it ended I was hit again by it. It brought weapon power down to 0. I've been hit with something similar (didn't really pay attention to the name) by Tholians during the azure nebula mission, but never as frequent as what happened with the ship in Ensnared.

How is this possible? Is the debuff icon wrong and it should be subsystem targetting?

trek21 11-05-2012 12:03 AM

That's not a bug; that's a unique ability the tholian Dreadnought has, and only it (at least I think only it)

The power drain is part of that too. You just got hit with the 'chance' for the system to go offline, as normally it'd only drain some power, like current subsystem targeting

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