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silversera 11-05-2012 03:13 AM

The new Scorpion Fighter hangar rarity
First thing first, I am still some days away from getting my green hangar (damn doff cost) and i'll probably never get the bleu one before the patch hit live servers , so if anyone have acess to the green or better the blue hangar it would be much appreciated if you could share their weapon loadout, special ability, etc

Second question, and this one is more for Cryptic, for season 6 you changed all hangar to use the rare/very rare/ultra rare color coding for the normal/advanced/fleet version , but so far the new scorpion hangar seem to use the old uncommon/commun/very rare rarity set up.

Is there a particular reason for it or is it just some oversight? I hope it's not there on purpose to indicate that these pet are weaker than standard starfleet pet, that would be disapointing for a reputation reward.

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