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gradstudent1 11-06-2012 11:17 AM

UI Screenshare Function: Superior Training
Lately, I have been thinking about how to maximize the information-sharing tools we have in STO for training and teaching purposes. Some of you know that a few of us are trying to start up a PvP Boot Camp that will educate and encourage people to participate in this dynamic and exciting part of the STO universe. And as I have been planning and vision-casting for this "kickstarter", I have also been wondering about what kinds of pedagogical limitations we might run into given the current UI.

Proposal: A UI function that would allow a player to open up his/her UI to be viewed by another player. At this point, all coaching has to be done "externally," which means that the coach only sees what is visible on the outside of a players ship (e.g., the tac team symbol, ect.) But this limitation ties a coaches hands in so many ways since he cannot see the players actions in much detail. It also makes build-sharing a bit more cumbersome. What i propose would solve this problem by allow a player to grant visual access to his/her user interface.

I think what i am asking for is probably a tall order technologically. But hey, I do art history and ancient literature, not computers. Give me break!=)

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