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thephantomsilver 11-07-2012 08:01 AM

Ancient History, Thinking Different!
Here at Ancient History,
We are basically easy going pilots. Relaxed, but very focused on bettering our STO experience. We don?t mind having fun and we don?t care about the BSing around with each other.
Some say we are not family friendly? I can agree with that. We don?t mind swearing or cursing. Its part of the game, if you can?t handle that then find another fleet where you are told to shut up and sit upright!

We are here to have fun, better ourselves in the gameplay and also building teamwork. We are looking for like-mined individuals that want to be part of a group that are always helping each other out as well as being the best at what we do.
We don?t care about what level your ship or experience in STO mechanics are. It?s about how you fly, your willingness to learn and how much you can bring to the fleet.

Here at Ancient History, our leadership has doors that are always open. Any questions, comments or concerns are always welcome and encouraged!
We have separate Divisions in which you can join in and participate. Being a part of a division means you will be able to work as a team for a common goal and be part of something, as well as bettering yourself and your STO experience. We understand a lot of players prefer to fly SOLO. Please keep in mind that this fleet is based on teamwork, gaining insight on game mechanics as well as working together to help each other have the best strategy as well as best build for each situation. We have several key members that specialize in all aspects of STO that can sit you down and go over a build that works for you. Make sure you check out the Divisions and what they are about. Keep in mind you can be in multiple divisions at the same time.

So a lot of people will ask, How do I get in? What is expected of me? How do I gain rank? These are all great questions. Getting in to Ancient History is quite easy, but since we want to make this fleet stand out we are pretty proactive in ensuring that this fleet stays ?elitist quality? meaning that in order to stay a part of Ancient History you have to meet a few requirements:
-Stay active in game. This means that you are actively participating in the division?s activities that are going on. Resource gathering for the Starbase, or making money for the fleet. It is OK for you to take care of the things you need for yourself in the form of SOLO activities, but keep in mind prolonged absence in group activities will put you in a position to be kicked out. If you are a ?SOLO?er? then this fleet is not for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy bettering yourself and others, working as a team to get the best possible rewards and having group fun then this is your fleet.
-Staying Active on the fleet?s forum website. Since you are reading this now, then you already know about the fleet?s forum. Keeping up with new posts as well as submitting your own ideas and comments on this forum is the duty of all AH members. You will definitely want to keep up with your division?s threads on this site to keep up with all divisional news and upcoming events and meetings.

-Being active on TeamSpeak. We know not everyone has a microphone. You still can however listen in and join in discussions via TeamSpeak by messages on TeamSpeak. You also need to atleast be listening for commands and tactics that will be said by the team leader during the team events. TeamSpeak requires little computer resources and can run just fine in the background while playing STO. It?s a free and quick download off the internet. TeamSpeak is also a great way to build relationships and get to know your fleet members.

-Contributing to the Starbase/Fleet. As a member of AH, your responsibility is to contribute what you can to the Starbase. Keep in mind however, that Starbase contributions alone are not enough, nor will that get you promoted. Unless your main role in AH is contributing to the Starbase and making money for the fleet then you are expected to follow the above requirement?s to maintain your membership within AH.

That?s pretty much the jist of what is expected of you as a AH member. We also know not everyone is able to play 24/7, and life always come before ANY game. If you are going to be away from the game however, we have a thread on the forum website here labeled as AFG or Away From Game. This gives you a chance to state the reason for your absence well as time frame that you will be absent to avoid yourself form being kicked due to inactivity. However, after 3 weeks of inactivity of one or all of the said requirements above without proper notification (posting in the AFG thread) then you will be subject to being removed from the fleet.

We hope you understand that we implement these standards so that we can set ourselves apart from all the other fleets in this game and keep a memberlist that is active and contributes in more ways then one to the fleet. Despite all these standards, the main focus of this fleet is teambuilding, being the best and above all having fun.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay here at AH and when and if you decide to leave, you have a better grasp on STO and how to be the best at what you do!

Stay awake and have fun!

thephantomsilver 11-07-2012 01:13 PM

Time to go to bed:) European!

But my pvp director DnaAngel@DnaAngel is online.

hit him up or send me a mail and i will be back at you right in the morning tomorow:)

looking forward in to meeting you!


thephantomsilver 11-08-2012 01:21 AM

Good Morning World Of STO!

i`m awake and will be on and off on STO today.

So if you are intrested hit me up, or mail me

thephantomsilver 11-09-2012 05:39 AM

Another day, Another group of new faces!


any more hard working captains here?


thephantomsilver 11-11-2012 01:48 PM

and another day, and another cadet!


greetings. sleep well everyone!

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