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dkeva 11-07-2012 10:02 AM

Neural Processor mission availibility
Cryptic, would it be possible to expand on the missions available to attain BNP?

The reason I ask is firstly due to the cost associated with MK XII ground sets (up to 10 from 5) which I feel is a liitle harsh, especially when considering you'd need 150 to equip your VA and his/her away team, excluding any costs that would be incurred reaching Tier 5 in the rep system.

Secondly it would mean variety. I don't have to play the same few missions over and over (as I did just to get my XI gear) to the point that I never wanted to see Borg again or ever do another STF again.

My suggestion would be to add Neural Processor rewards to Defara's Medium (1) and Hard (2-3) missions, Borg Red Alerts and possibly the Borg story missions as well.

Or allow us to convert Omega Marks to Neural processors (example 5:1).

I just get the feeling that as much as I wanted these sets, they are just as far away from me as they were already.

I'm hoping this is seen in the constructive light it was intended, and not a lambasting. I still enjoy the game after ~2.5 years of playing.
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timelord79 11-07-2012 10:28 AM

At first I was like NO!. but why not if you can play these other missions on an Elite difficulty setting.

nicha0 11-07-2012 10:56 AM

The red alerts are far too easy, only the Orilleus and Zeta A sectors are closer to elite difficulty. I wouldn't have an issue with the 2 harder sectors.

The Defera mediums are often broken, when they work they soloable. The hards are not difficult or elite at all. Our fleet clears all 4 in less than 20 mins

The episodes done on elite is reasonable, it takes more skill than most have to complete them.

warpangel 11-07-2012 11:00 AM

As far as neural processors are concerned, you only need 10 elite STF runs to get enough for a MkXII piece. This is the same number of runs you'd need to farm EDCs for a MkXI piece in the old system. Hardly out of reach for anyone. And you'd probably get quite alot while farming marks for the rep tiers already.

The equipment projects will be limited by dilithium. While you can run as many STFs as you want to get BNPs and marks, dilithium is limited to 8000 per day. The space sets in particular will cost several days worth of dil.

Personally, I imagine by the time people reach tier 5 the project that converts neural processors to dilithium will see regular use.

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