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organicmanfred 11-07-2012 09:05 AM

Ship Weapons Questions
Hello, another brilliant question from me.
This time it is about the ship weapons:

1.) What do you prefer, Cannon, Dual Cannon, Dual Heavy Cannon, Quad Cannon?
Is there any logic behind, if I want to equip different cannon types on one ship?
Like, 2x Quad + 1x Dual Cannon + 1 Cannon?
(I don't talk about the Damage Types now)

2.) Are those MK XII Anti-Borg weapons also usefull for someone who is just playing through the story and not doing PVP and Task Force stuff? Or are those weapons specific against Borg ships usefull with standard damage to other races ships?

Short: Is it much easier to play the Story with those Anti-Borg weapons and equipment?

Thank you!

creamyzombie 11-07-2012 09:27 AM

I run my Escort with one Quad cannon, two Dual Heavy cannons and a (new addition) quantum launcher on the front, three turrets on the back. I've recently switched everything to Fleet grade stuff, but before that I was using Anti-Borg weapons.

I don't get that into the numbers when it comes to DPS, as in, I don't run my numbers after each action/event. I know that with both set ups I can strip shields down pretty quick.

Honestly, I suppose it depends on how serious you want to be about it?

dareau 11-07-2012 09:31 AM

As far as cannon types, I run 2x DHCs 1x Cannon 1x Photon launcher on the front. I don't stick enough torpedo DOffs on my PvE build to make the quantums effective...

Now as far as DHCs vs DCs, it's a matter of personal preference, they both do the same DoT, but the DHCs tend to fire in shorter "bursts" with longer cooldowns, while the DCs tend to fire longer bursts and have more chances to proc.

I run the one single cannon to give me a little more DPS when the target is outside the DHCs narrow 45 degree arc, but outside of that, I wouldn't mix and match dual cannon types (hence why I have 2x DHCs on my escort, but I did try a 2x DC build on a Klingon BoP one day...)

bludagger 11-07-2012 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by organicmanfred (Post 6445911)

Short: Is it much easier to play the Story with those Anti-Borg weapons and equipment?

Thank you!

not really. if you do not do any STF's or pvp, then you can do the story missions with low purple, blue weapons with no issues.

Understand the STF weapons are truly designed for us hard core folks who grind hard into the game to get the bigger shiney. Honestly you do not have to have them to enjoy the story missions at all. In truth, vs some DMGx3 weapons you can get by crafting or by storyline, they really do not do anymore base damage vs other races, save for Borg which they are tuned for.

baudl 11-07-2012 10:12 AM

the borg mk xii weapons are good for xii (3 modifiers) from the exchange or fleet weapons are better apparently...but they are certainly better than mk xi.

you have to see the mk xii as a blue mk xii (2 good modifiers) if you do not fight borg.
mk xi borg weapons are not worth it, since you can get cheaper mk xi from exchange anyway, but if they are your only option...use those instead of mk x and so on.

the sets are top...maco/omega/KHG ground 2 pieces is almost always better than anything you can get somewhere else, even the mk x versions, which are sufficent actually.

cannons i have to say it really doesn't matter for story playing. dual heavy are preferable for PVP, for higher burst dmg. On an escort i wouldn't bother with single cannons, although there are many people who say they work very well in PVP too. anyway, for story it is really more a choice based on style and personal preference...performance is secondary.

the fleet advanced weapons are surely the best PVE (non borg) weapons in this game. and since all cannons cost the same...go for dual heavy cannons.

jacenjacen24 11-07-2012 10:48 AM

You can only equip 1 quad cannon.

The difference between DHC and DC is crit severity. The DHC have it built in. They drain more power 12 instea of 10. But equip 2 CRF and the slower fire rate wont matter that much.

All turrets on back as they proc with all cannon abilities.

The borg mark 12 purple DHC do 261 dps. Most none fleet do 261. So if you are an STFer then the borg are better because they have the extra possible dmg against borg.

If your an escort and running multiple crf's then go heavies.

But for some cruisers with limited tac spots go cannons or just dual cannons to save on power drain and to fire more often.

wolfpack12c 11-07-2012 11:00 AM


Originally Posted by jacenjacen24 (Post 6447381)

The difference between DHC and DC is crit severity. The DHC have it built in. They drain more power 12 instea of 10. But equip 2 CRF and the slower fire rate wont matter that much.

That is not the only difference the cycle rate on DC are slower then DHC so DC use more energy. Because it will drop your power faster. On the flip side they tend to proc more. Which I still haven't figured out because the proc rate runs off or cycle's fired instead of bolts fired. That's the real difference.

shimmerless 11-07-2012 11:19 AM

In PvP DHCs' slower firing rate is actually preferred because you can time your damage and because it gives an opponent much less time to react to front-loaded burst.

organicmanfred 11-07-2012 11:44 AM

You guys really make my day.

Thank you again for all your personal point of views, tipps and informations.

I appreciate what you do for me and I hope I will someday become a half as good player as you people are.

Well I think I will skip the XII Borg weapons, when I have to do STF's and craft the items with the salvages from there. I know me, I would just stand on the sidelines, let others do the fighting and then I loot the items. And that's not fair to anyone who is spending so much time and energy into this game.

So I will get the Fleet versions.

Speaking of them: What is it about those Fleet versions of ships and weapons? What is the meaning of them? Ok, I am a member of a fleet and I support them as much as I can but I still don't get it.

You see I am a very dedicated gamer :D

tom61sto 11-07-2012 11:45 AM

[Borg] Weapons are effectively [Acc][CrtH] for most things, still pretty decent, and are comparatively cheap/easy to get for Mk XII. If you have them, no need to switch out for story weapons, but I wouldn't bother to try to grind up a full set prior to Season 7 launching (at which point they will no longer be buy-able).

As for my preference on them, 3x DHCs and a torp or 4x DHCs. I tried all DCs for the proc on my Sci which is running Polarized Disruptors, but kept running into power issues due to the cycle rate. On mixing 2x DHC, 1X DC and 1x Torp fore, any additional procs weren't noticeable, so, I've stuck to 3x or 4x DHCs.

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