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emperorandy 11-07-2012 01:27 PM

Can't change Fleet's Starbase Message or Starbase name
I am at the highest rank in my fleet. I can easily change and Save the daily fleet message. But I cannot change the (1) starbase message and (2) name of the starbase.

I can edit the name, but the changes do not stick. Others in my fleet can edit the starbase message, but not all.

Every once in a while, a change I make to the starbase message will stick. For instance, I recently changed it to "You're adopted" to test it and of course that stuck and won't go away now.

snovern 11-08-2012 05:17 PM

Are you trying to put a long message into the Starbase Message of the Day? There is a 200 character limit to the message. If you try to put in more than 200 characters, the system will not update the MoTD. You can check if the system took the change by closing the UI and re-opening the UI to see if the message has changed.

Also, when you type in a message that is over 200 characters long, the system does not chop off the text beyond the 200 characters. Instead, the system will keep the older message.

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