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denizenvi 11-09-2012 01:58 PM

Epohh research critical bugged
So I was excited to see that my doff had achieved a critical success on the Epohh research assignment today. I was less thrilled to discover that it only rewarded one research. Toreth's Epohh introduction text clearly states that a critical success should reward three research.

Hope this gets fixed soon. I know it doesn't show up until someone actually crits the assignment, and it might not have been noticed by too many people yet. Since the assignment does not reward any sort of xp, just research, it wouldn't make sense for the crit to have no difference with normal success.

Another anomaly is that appropriate specializations actually reduce the crit chance. This is the same thing found on the cxp-to-fleetmarks conversion assignments on your starbase. It discourages using 'appropriate' doffs because a similar quality doff with the same crit traits will always do better. Since these assignments don't have a 'failure' option, the success does nothing but reduce crit chance.

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