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crypticarmsman 11-10-2012 12:16 AM

(After 11/9/12 patch) - Tribble Bug#: 30245 - The Space Boff Display is screwed up
(After 11/9/12 patch) - Tribble Bug#: 30245 - The Space Boff Display is screwed up

The in Space Boff Display is screwed up (and I DON'T have a default Shuttle Selected). After the new Tribble patch I logged in to find I have the extra Boffs that appear if you selected a default shuttle in the previous Tribble EVEN THOUGH I NEVER SELECTED A DEFAULT SHUTTLE. This is a MAJOR bug, and if S7 goes Live with this, it would be enough to make me completely stop playing STO until it's fixed (Assuming you ever get around to doing so asthis is the 3rd S7 Tribble patch). I can't believe you guys are less then a week from S7 launch and STILL have MAJOR unfixed bugs like this in the version that will probably go Live Tuesday.

daveyny 11-10-2012 12:34 AM

If ya look really closely... you'll find that EVERY BOff Power is Available at the moment for ALL your ships.

"...The more They overthink the plumbing... The easier it is to stop up the drain..."


joshl7889 11-10-2012 01:28 AM

Dude chill. enjoy the bug while its there.

tom61sto 11-10-2012 04:48 AM

Lol. 5x Commander rank BOff slots for me at the moment. The extra ensign universal, from my To'duj being set active, was gone when I logged on, which apparently unassigned all my BOffs... On slotting a Sci in the Universal Lt. of my Fleet Tor'kaht, it expanded to fit Tykens Rift 1 and Gravity Well 3. Everything else now accepts and uses commander abilities. :eek:

It isn't just a display glitch, I can fire off CRF3, APO3, RSP3, and EWP3, at least in the space around DS9.

crypticarmsman 11-10-2012 05:01 PM

Guess that means I should select a shuttle and man it with a Boff. But, yeah, the point stands that QA failed again, because it all powers are available in this situation; I'd call it a 'show stopping' bug - and sorry to say, either shows Cryptic's QA as incompetent; or if QA did flag it as a showstopper - shows those above them as incompetent for saying, "Okay, let's push this out as is anyway."

Seems no bug or exploit no matter how serious will delay a push date that marketing has set. Sunch a bug also skews ANY useful data they might get with reguardd to play balance in space based content across the board.

markhawkman 11-10-2012 05:05 PM

Zeronius just posted that they are patching this.

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