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mattyp448 11-10-2012 09:15 AM

Advice for setting up my Escort Carrier
Recently I changed over from the multi vec to the Escort Carrier, I did this mainly because I was bored and wanted a new game experience, however going from a HC MVE to a beam carrier has left me wondering;

Am I getting the best out of this ship with my set up?

So here is my build, anything you guys have to say please do, I'm always looking to learn

so like i said, before i had HC on my multi vec, so wanted something differernt this time, my set up is as followers


Commander Tac: en-tac team I, LT-Beam fire at will II, LC-HighYield III, Cm-Omega III

Lt Tac En-Torp Spread I, Lt-Beta I

En Tac: Beam Overload I

LC Eng: En-Eng team I, LT-Reverse Shield I, LC-Aux Power to Structual II

LT Sci: En-Sci Team I, LT-Hazard Emit II

Ship set up

Front: 3x Mk12 Anti-Proton Beams+1x MK12 Quantum
Back: 3x Mk12 Anti Proton Beams

engine - borg
Defelctor - Borg
Shield - MACO Mk12

Device slots: Scorpian Fighers+Heavy Beam Turret

Eng: EPS Flow Reg Mk12, Point Defense, Point Torpedo
Sci: Borg Mod, Field Gen Mk12
Tac: 4xAnti Proton Mag

Hanger; V.Rare Danbe Class shuttles

I also have the following stuff to pick from
Mk11 Omega set
Mk12 MACO set
Mk11 Reman Set
Mk11 Jemhadr set (although I use this as my shuttle set)
Mk11 Breen Set
Aegis Set

shimmerless 11-10-2012 09:59 AM

The ultimate problem with using beams on an escort is that you're not playing to its strengths. It's kind of like giving up subsystem targeting on a science ship except much worse.

If you absolutely must go beams, you're better off doubling up on FAW because a BO I from a regular array won't even register on the tickle scale.

mattyp448 11-10-2012 12:33 PM

To be honest thats what I figured.

Ive tried to make a beam boat work, whioch is why i am asking for advice, but damage wise, i just dont seem to be doing enough for what I am and what I am packing.

so if i do go bacxk to cannons should i just rearm the duel heavies or should I try it with just duel cannons.

also what set up would be best BO wise and ship parts?

age03 11-10-2012 02:04 PM

You can use both cannons as your main and beams in place of turrets and don't forget about torps in this place quantums.You want the omega set up.

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