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andoriansrus 11-12-2012 12:17 PM

Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel
ok here I come again with another nifty science ship build.....

now I have not exactly settled on my Energy Type for my weapons ( and I welcome Feedback on Energy Types) but I have narrowed it down to 3 weapons systems, forward weapons will be Dual Beam Banks Aft will be beam arrays
1. Advanced Fleet Phasers Mk XII [Dmg]3 [Acc]
2. Advanced Fleet Polarons Mk XII [Dmg]3 [Acc]
3. Polarized Disruptors Mk XII

I have settled on a Advanced Fleet Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [Dmg]3 [Acc] forward and an Advanced Fleet Tricobalt Mine Launcher Mk XII [Dmg]3 [CrtH] Aft

it makes use of the Assimilated Deflector, and Assimilated Sub-Transwarp Engines, as well as the M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array Mk XII

Eng. Consoles: Tetraburnium Hull Armor Mk XI, Neutronium Alloy Mk XI, and Ablative hull Armor Mk XII
Sci. Consoles: Particle Generator Mk XII, Field Generator Mk XI, Emitter Array Mk XI, Theta Radiation Vents, and the Assimilated Module

Tac. Consoles: Variable Geometry Detonators Mk XII, Graviton Pulse Generator

my power settings start at, Weaps: 75, Shields: 50, Engines: 25, and Aux: 50

my Bridge Officer Slots are as follows:

Lt. Tactical: Torp Spread I, Dispersal Pattern Alpha I
Lt. Engineer: Emergency Power to Shields I, Reverse Shield Polarity I
Ens. Engineer: Emergency Power to Shields I
Com. Science: Tractor Beam I, Science Team II, Tyken's Rift II, Viral Matrix III
Lcmdr. Science: Hazard Emitters I, Scramble Sensors I, Transfer Shield Strength III
(note: all BOFFS have the Efficient trait)

Duty Officers
Tractor Beam Officer, Sensors Officer, Development Lab Scientist x2, Gravimetric Scientist

Captain Skills

Tac Systems: Starship Weapons Training 6, Starship Energy Weapons 2, Starship Projectile Weapons 7, Starship Maneuvers 6, Starship targeting Systems 6, Threat Control 3, Starship Projectile Weapon Specialization 6

Eng Systems: Starship Hull Repair 9, Structural Integrity 9, Warp Core Efficiency 9, Starship Electro-Plasma Systems 6, Starship Impilse Thrusters 6, Starship Warp Coil Efficiency 9, Starship Engine Performance 6, Starship Hull Plating 6, Starship Shield Performance 6, Starship Auxilliary Performance 6

Science & Operations Systems: Starship Flow Capacitors 6, Sharship Shield Emitters 9, Starship Power Insulators 6, Starship Shield Systems 9, Starship Graviton Generators 6, Starship Particle Generators 9, Starship Sensors 9

Science Officer Ground Skills: Medic 6, Weapons Proficiency 6, Physiology 6, Scientist 6, Probability Logistics 6, Particle Physics 6

now with that build unbuffed and under full combat speed I get defenses that look like this

Bonus Def: 50.6%, Hull: 42,929 points, Shields: 14,262 points each facing, Kinetic Resist: 19.8%, Phaser and Disruptor Resist: 38.7%, Plasma and Tetryon Resist: 46.2%, Polaron and Antiproton Resist: 38.1%

Turn Rate: 18.9%, Bonus Accuracy: 22.7%, Crit Chance: 3.4% Crit Severity: 59.1%

these numbers are UNBUFFED numbers in combat space not sector space

Im still testing the 3 energy weapons types I listed above to try and find the set that works best for the build but in PVP it's definately a sound build in a team that communicates and knows what they are doing.... ALSO by moving a couple of consoles around you can make this self same build work well in Elite STF's, Fleet Events, or just about any other activity that you need to do for Dilithium Fleet marks or Omega/Romulan Marks.... yes when season 7 hits the build will get nerfed due to the Borg set being broken up but that can and will be overcome in time..... any questions, suggestions or observations ??? feel free to post em up....

tom61sto 11-12-2012 01:38 PM

I'm fond of the Polarized Disruptors myself on Sci. Though, you should probably go with a full 9 in Flow Caps if you're running Polaron/Polarized. Subspace Decompilier increases subsystem disable duration of subsystem targeting and phaser procs, might be worth considering if you're going with a Phaser build.

You might consider 2x Tric mines as that usually lines up better with the cooldown on Dispersal Patterns. Speaking of which, have you tried using Dispersal Pattern Beta I instead? It nets you two Tric mines instead.

I haven't found that the lack of the random shield heal going with two-piece Borg and MACO shields particularly bad, since it's not very reliable for me to even get it to proc in the first place.

andoriansrus 11-12-2012 01:41 PM

Dispersal Pattern Alpha also gets me 2 mines the second is just delayed allowng me to drop one in someones downed shield and another on the opposite side as I fly over.... Beta puts two out together on the same side but alpha requires a bit more planning to use and works well with this build for keeping a pesky excort out of my hear shield

andoriansrus 11-13-2012 09:58 PM

guessing that no one is really interested in this particular build.... and since the release of season 7 I see no reason to mess with my Consoles or engine shields or deflector... so while Im NOT getting the 3 pice borg set any more the 2 piece with the MACO shields still works out ok at least til I figure out something new to play with

malifae 11-14-2012 10:41 PM

Worst build ever....

reginamala78 11-14-2012 11:36 PM

Puzzled by two things on this build. First, no tac team? It just seems like a Don't Leave ESD Without It kind of power.

The second is the firing arcs. With DBBs and torp forward, and BA's aft, there's only partial syngergy on the weapons, never an attack angle where 2/3 or more of your weaponry is all hitting the same target at the same time. What if you swapped the BAs for turrets, trade broadside damage (not your strong suit anyways) for more forward focus?

andoriansrus 11-19-2012 11:39 PM

this was the test bed build that has worked extremely well in ESTFs AND PVP with my fleet mates.... I have since aquired the Vesta 3 pack and have adapted this build to that ship

NCC-921869-B U.S.S. Wasp

burstorion 11-20-2012 02:00 AM

As an avid fddsv user, I've been experimenting and been exploring the weapons options of the dssv and as the dssv has a severe lack of tac (I'm still debating one tac team + spread or two tac teams...due to borg buffs, I'm heading to two TTs)

One thing I've tried is a cannon build - a dbb (to use sub targetting), cannon and cannon/torp fore (if using two TTs, spread if not); two turrets and a tractor mine aft

as the dssv/fdssv has a decent turn (more if boosted by a cheap blue rcs mk 12), the marrower firing arc of the cannon (compared to array) is more viable while also benefitting from more damage while the dbb allows the needed sub target with decent damage and of course if the dbb fires - that means all sci forward abilities can be used (and a dssv can have two sets of tyken and grav well if you really wanted it..albeit a waste)

as I said earlier, I am experimenting - but for good turn sci ships that rarely stay side on long enough to broadside, it seems like a cheap option to all beam arrays (seriously - a mk xi purple tetryon single cannon costs only 20,000 ec (approx) each!)

andoriansrus 11-20-2012 02:05 PM

well this build, minus the weapons works well on the Vesta Surveilance Ship.... just swap the Polaron weapons for Phaser Weapons and use the FULL MACO set and you have a tough nut to crack in team PVP

sonulinu2 11-20-2012 02:19 PM

Just wondering why a captain flying a Sci ship needs/wants any points in Threat Control.

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