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atatassault 11-12-2012 06:24 PM

Feature Request: Doff List Export
Ok, So I have nearly 400 Doffs. Most of which are Purple and Blue.

It is very, VERY hard to keep track of what doffs I can replace, toss out, don't need, etc.

It would be awesome if we could have sto export a spreadsheet (or a .txt file that easily exports into Excel) that lists Doff with their quality, species, traits, etc so we can use more powerful sort and filter techniques.

corgatag 11-12-2012 06:37 PM

I have the same problems with pruning my rosters, but I have some alternative/complimentary ideas:

1) Better sorting
Right now, the roster appears to be sorted by some ID that nobody except the server cares about. If it were sorted in a more reasonable way, it would be easier to identify and dismiss duplicates.

Here are some recommendations:
- Sort by name
- Sort by profession, then by quality, then by name

2) Bigger rosters
This has been proposed several times before. I know you all want to sell us more slots, and I know we want to buy more slots. It would certainly reduce the frequency with which I'd have to prune my DOFF roster.

Unfortunately, I think Heretic said there were some server issues making this non-trivial.

Also, there are major FPS issues showing big lists (400 DOFFs or Foundry missions). Even if you could update the server code to sell us 1000 DOFF slots, the client might fall over at 1000. Unfortunately, this could make the feature more too costly in terms of Dev time.

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