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curs0r 11-13-2012 03:16 AM

Finishing the story
Howdy. In 2011 I conjured up (very haphazardly) a foundry mission called Syndicate Shakedown. I didn't really promote it, as I hadn't finished the story and it was mainly for the purpose of learning to use the foundry. Since then, about 100 people have reviewed it, and surprisingly kindly. As such, I feel obligated to finish the story.

Here's where you come in. I am hoping to gain a little feedback as to whether I should modify the ending and finish the story in 1 chapter, or if the premise is compelling enough to devote a second chapter to the discovery the mystery.

Why the delay? Good question! I kept hearing about updates and additions to the foundry that I guess got shelved. No biggie, we march on. I think the few people that were goodly enough to check it out and write nice comments deserve closure though, it's been a long wait for some.

So, if anyone wants to slog through my trite, saccharine, and stilted storytelling to give that a look, I'd appreciate it.

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