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nnite 11-13-2012 09:21 PM

DS9 + STF Channel

Well what to say about season 7, Deep Space 9 is empty now with no shouts in zone chat, all stf elite channels also with random chatting and no more ground team forming for stf, New Romulus empty, no queue to enter the server. very diferent from Season 6 when Tholian ground was crowded, DS9 full as Always, STF channels with lot of people looking for space and ground teams and long queue to enter server.

Reputation system is cool but could be a plus feature in the game not replace the old system, anyway.

I think they destroyed the game and I think most people will stop play for a while.

All missions need marks and DL rewards, longer and harder the mission better the reward. Think in your job, harder the work better the income in end of month, simple as that.

Kind regards

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