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mikiiy 11-14-2012 10:53 AM

Sci: tachyon harmonic broken
Science kit ability tachyon harmonic used to drain opponents shields/take shields offline.. since Season 7 its broken in PvE and PvP.

What it does in PvP: My tachyon harmonic is supposed to drian 300+ shields.

1) Hit other player with tachyon harmonic.. his shield bar goes down by about 100 (not 300) points, hovering over his HP bar however says shields are still at full capacity (!).
2) Other players shield bar does *not* regenerate, it stays with about 100 less; but not in the hover over info.
3) Hit other player again with tachyon harmonic.. another 100 shield hp gone, as before.. they ain't regenerating and the hover-over tooltip says shield still full.
4) repeat step 3 until shield depleted... hover over topic still says shield full.. shield however shows as depleted and is NOT regenerating still - regardless of how much time we wait.
5) shooting opponent with a gun results in straight hp dmg - so the shield actually really was down; after that it starts regenerating.

Conclusion.. tachyone harmonic:
- does not deal the proper amount of shield dmg anymore.
- seems not to trigger its shield offline proc anymore.
- its dmg seems not to trigger proper regeneration routines anymore.. if no other source of dmg is present the shield just keeps losing capacity.

Resulting in that power beeing pretty much useless atm in pvp and pve atm.

edit: nm - just noticed there some other posting about it already.

darkshadowsto 11-14-2012 11:02 AM

Just for reference ,
since it includes a statement from borticus about the issue.

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