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captainhunter1 11-14-2012 10:59 AM

I'm digging the new sector block - but Rator system still in Fed space?
Hi all,

I have to say I'm really digging the new Romulan sector block added to our Galaxy map. Lots of cool new systems with great ties/lore from all the TV series!

It was great to have this added in (and New Romulus is fantastic to explore - yay for exploration!).

One thing that has, and still does, bug me is the error of having the Rator system (in the Psi Velorum sector block) on the Federation side of the Neutral Zone. This is where the planet Rator III is located, the Romulan capitol world. I had hoped that once the galaxy map got updated, this error would have been fixed (heck, just swap locations with the Chulan system which, ironically, has a Federation colony on it (see 'Patrol the Chulan System' mission :P).

Any chance we could see this easy fix (for a major story element) added to next weeks patch? Please? :)

(Edited to add suggestion to simply swap Rator's location with the Chulan system. Oh and if you look at the system place holders in both locations, Rator is currently designated with an asteroid field and Chulan has a sun and two planets - guess what? The 'Patrol the Chulan system' takes place in an asteroid field and the 'Preemtive Strike' mission takes place in a system with two planets. lol! I really think they need to swap these - it would fix quite a number of things - lol :D)

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