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illcadia 11-14-2012 12:06 PM

Borg Queen in Hive Space Elite randomly resets
I was grinding a Hive Space Elite earlier today. Two of our team members had left, so we were kiting the queen around the unicomplex.

We hadn't failed the optional, even with just three people on elite, we all knew what we were doing, and we had her down to 10% health- almost to 9% to be honest.

And then she just vanished, resetting to her starting point- several salvos of torps redirecting to go after her.

She went back to 100% heatlh and 75% shields.

About five seconds before this happened, people in like EIGHT INSTANCES started flipping out in zone chat- it had happened to them too at relatively the same time.

This isn't like the old Cure Space carrier bug where if you jostle the carrier too much, it'd regain all its health- because the carrier never physically reset. The queen actually like, goes to warp and flies back to her starting position.

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