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cptshephard 11-14-2012 05:50 PM

STO and Firewall Exceptions
Since PWE tech support is basically useless does anyone on here know what server addresses and ports need to be allowed through the firewall on a router for STO?

Ever since this last patch I've had nothing but disconnects and crashes to the desktop, sometimes with an error message dealing with a corrupt pig file, and the patcher not downloading properly; it pauses anywhere from 24-98% in and has to be restarted. The only help I've gotten from tech support is a few links to some PWE games I don't even play and advice to make sure all my stuff is updated, which I had already checked.

I use DisplayFusion v4.1 but that fix didn't help me either. Both the launcher and the gameclient are in as exceptions. I even disabled it altogether and still nothing.

My only thought is to check and make sure I have the right exceptions in my router even though all the other MMOs I have installed patch and play just fine.

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