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oogieb 11-15-2012 01:00 PM

Torp ship FUN FOR ALL "but the target"
Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer with a **** ton of torps

Lets take a look...

Fore: 1 Duel beam bank of your fav color :D 1 Torp of your fav color :D 1 Bio nuke 1 hargh'peng torpedo
Aft: Breen cluster thing 1 tricobalt mine 1 mine of your fav color :D

4 tac: all torp dmg +
3 engi: 1 + all def 1 lotus/universal thing 1 borg/universal
2 sci: max shield hp

shield: Honor guard
Engine: Honor guard = 2 set bonus of plus 25% torp dmg yay!
deflectors: borg = 2 set bonus of borg hull heals

so for Boffs you can do what ever you like so i think as long as you have heavy torp attack 1 and torp spread 3 you should be making the torp thing work. also Beam overload 2

so this is my game plan. cloak get close to some1 beam overload 2 then get power back to your weapons and fire your lotus or vic-versa then fire all your torps if your over 5 away you can fire your nuke too.
never tryed it just seems like it would be fun

thenashkarul 11-15-2012 02:19 PM

Problem here is: The Borg console isn't in the same set as the Borg deflector/shield/engine anymore, so the borg deflector wouldn't give the heal-proc anymore ;)

purvee1 11-15-2012 02:54 PM

Equally the main idea behind a torp boat is minimum power to weapons, to use your beam weapon (and the lotus) you'll need weapon power, no?

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