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timeras 11-15-2012 01:24 PM

Photonen im Wind - A Foundry Mission by timeras13
Photonen im Wind
A Foundry Mission by @timeras

An emergency call from the Andoria system. The U.S.S. Tribute is under attack. This time the battle doesn't take part in space and not on the planets ground.

Rescue the admiral of the U.S.S. Tribute from an awkward situation and enjoy the magnificent view.

This mission is very short, streamlined and dialog-heavy. You encounter some skirmish but they are not priority.

Admiral Timeras, Commander Meelok, Lieutnant Commander Sovek, Lieutnant Commander Kinara, Chief O'Donell, Ensign Nesa, Fourty-Two, klingons

Language: complete in german (english work in progress)
Level: Any level, scaling with level- and groupsize
Length: 25 minutes
Difficulty: various


Version 1.01
  • release

Version 1.10
  • missionobjective after aquiring the mission slightly adjusted
  • enhanced space-part with new effects
  • waypoint now leads with mission objective to the turbolift
  • holodeck entrance and exit enhanced with holodeck arc
  • added dialogs for Lieutnant Commander Kinara and Lieutnant Commander Sevok after finishing the mission
  • text corrections

Version 1.11
  • added chief O'Donell and ensign Nensa
  • added a new room for ambience
  • changed some effects
  • slightly scatterd the klingons

Version 1.15
  • improved mission description
  • corrected continue buttons
  • added more paragraphs in dialogs
  • added transporter effect
  • improved ending

Version 1.16
  • back and online again
  • fixed the turbolift reachmarker

Video-Review on Youtube (German):

Krangh testet Photonen im Wind 1/3
Krangh testet Photonen im Wind 2/3
Krangh testet Photonen im Wind 3/3

hippiejon 11-15-2012 01:27 PM

Wish I could read German.
Looking forward to your english language translations.

HooRaY for Foundry in other languages !!!

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