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felderburg 11-15-2012 02:12 PM

Inventory Issues
Is anyone else having issues with inventory? I have several kits, several stacks of the stuff from the Tholian planet, and now a ton of stuff from Romulus. Why can't we just use a counter, or something? Why does it all have to be an inventory item for rock and plant samples? When I tag one of the baby epohh (or whatever the water animal "cute squid" things are) it just counts toward my % progress for that area's mission. Why can't the rocks / plants / etc. be like that?


Originally Posted by dirlettia (Post 6570101)
The amount of stuff they hope we will keep in the hope of getting a single extra mark is laughable. The Defera zone started this though with its consumables for its own crafting system.

We are seriously now at the point where we need to be able to BUY a crafting storage tab to hold all this junk being thrown at us (Particles (10), samples(24), rocks(4), neural borg stuff(3), flower (1), cortexes (1), dilithium chunks(2)).

Maybe a few more I have missed for sure as not sure what high level Reman stuff needs.

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