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macrican 11-15-2012 09:42 PM

Aeon Timeship builds
Hola y'all!

So I just got one of these from the Lobi store and I was wondering what others have done with their Aeon builds. Thus far mine is mostly stock. the only things I added are:

Shield: Borg
Tactical: Anti-Proton Mag Regulator
Science: Biofunction Monitor, Emitter array
Device: Anti-Proton Turret

Boffs: Tactical w/ Torp Spread 1
Science w/ Polarize Hull

For some reason, my torps aren't firing and I cannot set either weapon to auto-fire, but I'm hoping that is just a glitch. My main toon is a Tac Officer and obviously the only missions that I'm going to use it in are the Vault and that Dominion Storyline mission.

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