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monkeybone13 11-15-2012 09:44 PM

Mirror Invasion in PVE queue broken?
The Mirror Universe Event seems to now be called Mirror Invasion in the PVE queue and as always, can only be done while the special 1 hour event is running where you earn extra skill points for each kill.

I click the Join button for it in the PVE queue and the Enter button pops up after a few seconds. I click it and my ship immediately jumps to warp but instead of leaving the map and entering the event, I get thrown back and receive an error message.

The error message I receive in pink text: [Admin] Couldn't get map names from map manager

Here is a screen shot of the chat window showing the system messages as proof the event is broken.

What's strange is the "system" refers to it as: [System] [PvPGeneral] Queued for "Mirror Invasion".

But it is clearly in the PVE queue and NOT the PvP queue, as can be seen here:

Edit: Just noticed the PVE queue shows it as level 50 required. Could have sworn it was something like level 20 or so minimum as my first character to reach level 50 did a lot of mirror universe events and that's how he got to Vice Admiral in about 2 weeks after I started playing. My character I tried to enter it with was level 50 VA though. o.O

Edit 2: Strange. With 8 minutes left for the event I tried again and was able to enter the event.

talien 11-15-2012 11:09 PM

I got that several times trying to join mirror. Happened to me 5 times in a row once before finally letting me in, but it was usually once or twice each time.

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