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azurianstar 11-16-2012 01:49 AM

Tier 1 Embassy Project DOFF Cost
50 Uncommon Civilian DOFFs and 21,000 Dilithium per Project. Isn't this way too high?

21,000 Dilithum might be fine for Fleets of 20+ people, but for small fleets, this just eats at people's savings.

And 50 Uncommon Civilian DOFFs? Civilian Recruitment missions of 2 doffs ever 2-3 days isn't gonig to cut it, especially when the odds aren't in a player's favor in upgrading them to uncommon. The Dilithium costs just to find one is just too blasted expensive.

So a 21,000 Dilithium project essentially becomes 100,000+ in short order.

So I Implore the team to revise it so it's more easy on small fleets by allowing there to be Embassy Missions that doesn't have a Dilithium cost (like we have the option with Starbases). And revise the Uncommon Civilian Costs just to ask for regular civilians.

BTW, whats with the Romulan Embassy mission to get Romulan Ale if the Bartender Starbase Project no longer asks for it? Same with the Rotgut mission, whats the point in doing these now?

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