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xcom43 11-16-2012 07:39 AM

General Stuff
lol all of these thread's seem to be basicly a complaint department.

You guys should know bye now that every new season stuff breaks.Just send in your reports.

The only real complaint i got right now is my foundry it is how i make my Dilithium.

You guys need too take it easy.They will most likely get it most of it fixed in the next patch.And a couple of patch's after.

I have learned for as long as i been playing since Beta There is no real point on complaing there trying to fix as many issues as they can right now and they will probably not get most of the issues done in the first patch.

xcom43 11-16-2012 08:11 AM

Ok time for me to complain about some things.

First Foundry offline Come on should not take this long.

Second WTF Way is the The Reassign Officers at SFA cost way too much 500Dil for commons 2,500dil for uncommons and 5,000dil for rares this is total BS return the prices the way they where How are we suppose to get rid of crappy Doffs that no body want to bye in exchange when they could not sell in exchange.:mad::mad:

These Prices are wayyyy too high they need to be returned back to what they where.

Or at lest put the Commons back too 10 Dil.

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