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shogun547 11-16-2012 12:04 PM

Accolade Points and zen
Hi everyone! Just thinking about the accolade system and how every accolade you get in the game has a point value, but what good is a point value if there is nothing to use the points on other than nonexistent bragging rights? What if, for every accolade you get get in the game, you get awarded small amounts of zen? If an accolade is worth 15 points of accolade score, the game awards you 15 zen. Not much, and it wouldn't break the system, but it would make accolade hunting worth it in my humble opinion... imagine if people actually had a reason for going back through and going to systems, seasoned players helping out the youngins because everyone had something to gain? id love to hear opinions on this idea... maybe from cryptic as well?

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