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mb52 11-17-2012 08:22 AM

Cruiser Torpedo Build
This is something I'd like to try for my SCI captain.. as I currently fly a torpedo boat Intrepid.. and would like to try out a cruiser for added survivability in STFs... but does anyone know of any Torpedo Focused builds for cruisers that work?

Currently... I'm specced fully into torpedoes with no points in energy weapons. I also have 3x Torpedo doffs (purple) so.. I only need 2 launchers to get the maximum rate of fire ( in theory)...

My thought is 2 Q-torps forward with 2 beam arrays, and 2 Q-torps Aft with 2 beam arrays, this way I can keep moving and have torpedos pointed on target most of the time. (if this works maybe get the regent class for the wide angle Quantums..)

But yeah.. this isn't a... hardcore PVP build.. but I'm wondering if it might be viable for STFs...

Oh and this is my current build!

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