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gibsonunderscore 11-17-2012 06:16 PM

Concept: Duty Officer XP and Promotions
Ever get tired of trading duty officers back and forth like trading cards, never getting any decent ones? Wouldn't it be nice for the duty officer system to provide more useful changes to the way you play?

A duty officer overhaul isn't needed to do this. The solution is simple!

Duty Officer XP. For every Duty Officer mission successfully completed, you're awarded a little of this experience.

Common Mission: 1 XP
Uncommon Mission: 2 XP
Rare Mission: 5 XP
Very Rare Mission: 10 XP

When you have enough XP stored away, you can apply it to a duty officer of your choice to promote him from one rarity to the next!

Common to Uncommon: 100 XP
Uncommon to Rare: 250 XP
Rare to Very Rare: 500 XP

I think it would be a nifty idea. I posed it to my fleetmates, and they seemed to agree! Discuss.

wolfpack12c 11-17-2012 10:37 PM

What about duty officers that only come in very rare or rare or common what about them

gibsonunderscore 11-17-2012 11:17 PM

I'm of the opinion that we should dispose of that nonsense. It's causing this maniacal economy on the Exchange.

bluegeek 11-19-2012 11:28 AM

The problem with the proposal (and this is not the first time it has been brought up, mind you) is that the DO system isn't constructed in such a way that they can exchange one duty officer of any quality for another duty officer with the same name and specialization as the original.

By Cryptic's own admission, this is not remotely possible under the current system... it would require a fairly complete revamp of the DOFF system.

What they probably could do, is something like trade up a white DOFF of a particular specialization to a random green DOFF of the same specialization. And so on with the greens-to-blues, etc.

But that raises another problem... the way the DOFF system works right now, they would have to have three unique assignments per specialization to set that up (white-to-green, green-to-blue, blue-to-purple). Multiply that by the number of specializations and you get... a really big number of assignments.

Even if Cryptic were willing to do that, it raises -- yup -- yet another problem. These assignments could not be generally available assignments that you could find anywhere, or they would crowd out the other randomly available assignments due to sheer numbers; they would have to be tied to a specific vendor and dialog button, like the Academy personnel officer assignments are.

Let's say the personnel officer had a new button called "Requisition Specialist". Selecting that option would pop up three more buttons: "Requisition Uncommon Specialist", "Requisition Rare Specialist", and "Requisition Very Rare Specialist". That could lead you to another dialog box with one button for each division: Tactical, Security, Engineering, Operations, Science, Medical, Civilian. And that would take you to another set of buttons for each type of specialization within that division ("Lots O' Buttons"). And that, finally, would present the DOFF assignment you wanted. That makes any selection five clicks deep, plus setting up the inputs for the assignment.

My belief is that the system designers would generally feel that five clicks deep is too cumbersome for a DOFF assignment and that most players wouldn't want to deal with it. I could be wrong about that.

Now assuming that Cryptic was willing to set up that kind of a solution, they'd probably ask you to trade 5 or more DOFFs of that specialization, plus a chunk of Dilithium. Or maybe just a boatload of Dil and skip trading in DOFFs.

fraghul2000 11-19-2012 11:55 AM

There was a discussion about the wish to add statistics to each Doff, how often they succeeded, how often they failed etc...

IIRC, the Dev in charge of the Doff system back then mentioned that it would simply take up way to much memory. Might be the same here.

markhawkman 11-20-2012 05:12 AM

Stats would be almost as bad.... At present each doff in your roster is represented by only a few numbers stored in memory. (Doffs don't have individual stats the way Boffs do) Keeping track of a set of stats for each would greatly increase the amount of data required for the doff roster.

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