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zarathos1978 11-18-2012 02:56 AM

New Players and PvP in season 7
I do not play STO anymore (left with S7), but I'm observing the forums, changes and so in case PvP get fixed and I can return. Yeah, it's 2012 and worlds end is coming.


How do you think: how long will a new player (join in S7) stay in PvP?

Cause I think that the usual "I got facerolled" stuff will get even worse. And there will be no way to easily fix it. Not everyone is STO version of Udet, and for the mediocre player the saving comes in balancing their builds. And I have hard time imagining a new, post S7 player being able to get all he needs: sets, DOFFs, new passives in decent time without turning STO into full time job.

Learn to play wont be enough cause new players will have to fight in regular ships (or even C-Store) without sets and no blue/purple DOFFs. Or work (won't call it play) for LONG time PvE to get them. No passives for them too.

The grind to get those will be immense, and if someone decides that he don't want to be a fleeter - he is a looser by default. He will NEVER be able to compete in PvP against anyone else then post-S7 PUGer.

So, a newb comes to FvF PvP in his T5 Defiant, but running only stuff he could buy on exchange or with dilithium from vendors. No set for him, no purple DOFFs (fresh T5 will be lucky if he gets some blues). No passives, not able to grind them. He meets a guy from season 5, also in T5 Defiant. BUT the other guy has also passives, a set and nice purple mainly DOFFs.

How long will it take for him to return to PvE or even uninstall STO if he decides that endless grind is not fun?

For me - I doubt PvP will get any new players in season 7 (or anymore to say the truth). Only AFKers searching for dillithium.

xtremenoob1 11-18-2012 03:09 AM


Originally Posted by zarathos1978 (Post 6660251)
For me - I doubt PvP will get any new players in season 7 (or anymore to say the truth). Only AFKers searching for dillithium.

^x2 I think that has been their goal for sometime, it's just taken time to develop that aspect into the game. I guess time will tell, I try to maintain a small amount of hope that PWE/Cryptic will "give a bone." Everyday that thought gets less and less. I have the strangest feeling that PVP will be completely removed in S8. I find myself considering cutting my loses since 99.999999999% of the matches are have dil farmers who are proud of it.

Hopefully boot camp and that will add some better matches. If not, it's a new year. Plenty of other things to do.

virusdancer 11-18-2012 03:27 AM

Given that they could previously gear in 2-4 weeks or less and they're looking at 2-4 months or more now...

...they might be ready to PvP with the S7 changes by the time S8 rolls around.

xsharpex 11-18-2012 03:39 AM

amen. this is just one aspect of the disparity that will drive players away from all the real and fun end game content. when that becomes the case, they're not going to want to stay for the single player content or for the epoh farming.

classic case of the haves versus the have nots.

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