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chakitty 11-18-2012 11:02 PM

Slingshot fun and other stuff
I'm having a fairly fun issue, and I'm not sure where to put it so it's going here for the time being. I've been trying to get some things done on my Klink toons, and it's getting extremely hard to do anything. The one that I have been able to log-on to is getting slingshotted backwards by about 5 seconds while everything else continues to move normally, I'll end up unable to shoot at other ships while they continue to shoot me and I continue to take damage, and when I tell the game to log out of that character, it does nothing. I then tried to log-on to a Fed toon, to see if it was just a KDF thing or not, and I couldn't even get in as it kept kicking me from the log-in server. I don't know if these issues are due to a large number of people on the server or not, but I was playing just fine yesterday. I'm gonna try again shortly, and if things are working right, then I don't know. Hopefully the problem's resolved itself, but I doubt it. If it hasn't, hopefully you all can help me out. And so everyone knows, there's no problem with my net connection, it's a 50Mbps cable connection, and I got here just fine, so that's not the problem.

Edit: I've just tried again and no luck, same issues. When I log-in I can't go anywhere and half the map stuff and my weapons icons don't show.

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