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focslain 11-19-2012 05:35 PM

Back to Basics: Heal boat
Well I decided to try a set of classic role builds.

I have the tank cruiser build just fine, but one build I thought of doing especially after a few rounds in the Hive is a heal boat.

I planned to get the Long Range Retrofit as my next purchase for my collection.

The question I have to the forum is what loadout should I get, Boff, doff and skills. This is for my Sci captain and currently she is skilled for CC buffs, but not sure if that translates to heals too well.

For rep gear I have (pre S7), the MKXII MACO deflector, shield, and a full borg retro set, weapons I'll have to grind a bit but I have access to fleet weapons if needed and/or can hunt down story weapons/gear if pointed in the right direction.

Alternatively I'd like to make this as much like Voyager as possible for weapons, but I'm willing to bend if performance would be greatly affected by this.

Thanks in advance.

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