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marok2 11-19-2012 09:26 PM

Klingon Christmas Toy Drive in Chicago
For those fans in the midwest The Klingon Assault Group is proud to announce
The IKV Batlh qa' (Spirit Of Honor) will be hosting a Toys For Tot's toy drive
On Saturday December 8th From 10 am to 2pm

At Walgreens 688 Amersale Drive, Naperville, IL. (630-961-4576)

Ships from Starfleet International, The USS Chicago and Klingon Armada International
The IKV HoS'tam (Silent Power) will also be particpating.

As well as some of the cast from the play "A Klingon Christmas Carol" !!!

Yes, they will all be in Klingon costumes all of us, except the federation who will be in
Starfleet uniforms.

Come join us, wear your favorite Star Trek costume and bring your camera!!!


Marok Vestai toQqul
Captain IKV batlh qa'

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