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derrico1 11-21-2012 12:14 AM

Crew Uniforms
Would Love To See Cryptic Give Us Players The Ability To Change Our Crew Uniforms On Our Ships, Based On Dept. Example Medical Green While Science Is Blue Engineering And Ops Yellow Tact And Security Yellow While Command Holds The Color Red Uniforms And Colors Only Should Be Choosen By The Players. Aso If Poss. The Ability To Do The Same On Our Starbases And In Our Embassys .

Bridge Officers Should Be Aloud To Be Seated On The Bridges By The Players Having My Tact Sit Where First Officer Sits Is Just Kind Of Crazy .also We Were Given The Op To Make Dept Heads Yet If We Go To Those Depts Those Dept Heads Are No Where To Be Found Its Some Doff Who Plays That Role Instead. Most Of Us Have Large Amounts Of Extra Boffs Why Cant We See Those Boffs In Ten Forward Or Maybe Relocate Those Boffs On Our Starbases Or Embassys Walking Around In Exchange For A Reward Or Something .

Cryptic Has Done Alot Of Great Things For This Game But The Small Things Keeps Us Role Players Playing For Hours At End . And Makes The Game Come To Life.

rachelj88 11-21-2012 02:23 AM

I've always wanted the ability to change my "wandering" crews uniforms.
you probably have your Bo's in matching uniforms with their respective department colours like me, having my crew would really make me quite happy.

I don't Role Play anymore but sometimes like to wander by RP'ers and look asif I'm busy with my keyboard bound to the rafters with emotes :D

nothing like a good /emote no_way aimed at Dentalss!


reyan01 11-21-2012 02:41 AM

Why was this thread posted twice?

And, as per the first one, I haven't bothered to try reading most of the OP as capitalising every first letter of every word is extremely irritating to read.

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