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gandales 11-21-2012 04:39 PM

Tact/DPS ship for Engineer(trying to take advantage of the autumn sale)
As the title says I want to buy a discounted ship from autumn sale. My situation is the following:

1) My character is an engineer and I have a retcon available.

2) I have the 2nd Aniversary Oddysey(tankish), but I want to have higher firepower given than tanking does not seem important in the endgame(let me know if I am wrong). Therefore, I want a ship for heavy dps and that can take advantage of my engineer career.

Few months ago, I was advice to get the Armitage, I wonder if based on all changes this would be my best choice.

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice to this casual player. :D

adamkafei 11-21-2012 05:06 PM

Well for all the Regent's uni boff is worth (not much as you'd be silly to not have a science boff) I'd recommend the Excelsior, good ship, keeps up with most ships and can move, if played right it is a very good balance between tank and DPS with an engineer in the chair

cidstorm 11-21-2012 06:02 PM

The armitage is a great ship, if you REALLY want DPS. If you want to pvp you might want to consider the tac odyssey, excelsior, or regent. Eng Armitage can work in pvp, but sometimes it's just better to enter the pvp arena with a slower class that makes it easier to learn all the new dynamics.

gandales 11-22-2012 02:43 AM

Thanks for your replies. I forgot to say, that I mainly play pve, so pvp viability is not a big concern for me.

sophlogimo 11-22-2012 02:53 AM

My main is an engineer commanding a Regent class. I am quite happy with it, can do decent damage using the Lt Com Tac Boff ability of by choice, be tanky with two tactical teams and a com and lt engineering boff slots, and a very, very nice wide arc torpedo launcher that allows you to support your beam broadsides with some kinetic ouch. That universal slot is usually filled with a sci, but depending on the situation, a tac can fit in there, too.

On the other hand, the Armitage has the added advantage of, in addition to being a full escort, a hangar deck that allows neat daughtercraft to distract your opponents or just get rid of any heavy plasma torpedoes that may be flying around by setting them to intercept.

So in essence, take one of these two, I would say.

daboholic 11-22-2012 04:42 AM

My main is an Engineer in an Armitage. Like yourself I mainly play PVE so the ship is perfect for my needs.

It gives me very respectable DPS and has good survivability. I'll never achieve Tac/Escort levels of burst/damage, so instead I built my skills and layout around sustained fire. With the exception of ESTF's, my ship is pretty much unkillable in most PVE, whilst making short work of anything in its sights.

unangbangkay 11-22-2012 04:43 AM

I'm going to second the choice of an Armitage. I'm an Engineer as well, and my Armitage has allowed me to tank entire STF runs (albeit on normal) while pumping out tons of DPS.

suaveks 11-22-2012 05:08 AM

Armitage - a good bulky escort with lt.cmdr. engineering boff slot which will surely help in keeping the ship alive. Also, shield repair units are surprisingly good and may even be a better choice than any of the attack fighters.

Steamrunner - at the moment at -50% discount on Steam. Tactical ship with two lt. engineering boff slots, which is more engi skills than Armitage offers. It also has more hull, 10th console slot and turns a bit better. Personally I would lean more towards this one than the Armitage if I were you.

Vesta - not so great with dps despite what people say, but I'm still able to deal more dmg with it than with any cruiser or science vessel I tried on a non-tac toon. I'm currently flying Vesta on my engi, with lt.cmdr. engineer, and I find it to be a really flexible ship that is still able to tank and support while not being totally useless when it comes to damage dealing (I can solo Raptor spawns in CSE with just EPTW1, CSV1 and TT1 so that's always somethign). Really happy with it.

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