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monsterofblood 11-22-2012 03:47 PM

White Bridge officers

Fleet Starbase Personnel projects should now properly accept Bridge Officer donations.

This was quoted from the patch notes and we have white BO's and the personnel officer project won't accept it. One of our new recruits had a bridge officer from when he 1st started his toon. So 14 fleet members started new toons and we filled the Orion engineering requirement this leaves 15 tac and 15 science to fill the project. This missions gives you a choice between three officers a engineering Orion, a science nausicaan, or a tactical Gorn, but our assignment needs all orion. If theres is anyone in the KDF community that knows of other starter missions as we lvl up that can give an Orion science or tactical please answer this post. The patch notes say fleet starbase personnel project now properly accept bridge officer donations from the station but this is not true ..... help.
P.S. one fleet member said start a different class and maybe the BO's will change but i tried that and we get the same three choices .... .

mimey2 11-22-2012 08:59 PM

No wonder the Klingon side of my fleet can't add BOFF candidates to the normal personal officer.

jkstocbr 11-22-2012 09:10 PM

Our fleet Starbase project has the same issue. I can not contribute Boffs.

Here is a Screenshot taken in the last hour to illustrate.

Lets hope there is a fix soon.

The last post was by Bort yesterday...


I've tracked down the issue at hand. It stems from not all Bridge Officers sharing the same defining config files.

So, while these projects are set up to accept generic Boffs of the associated types, those Boffs are only currently obtained thru receiving a "Failure" outcome on Duty Officer assignments that recruit that species of Boff. The ones purchased at stores, or received from mission completion, are different config files, even though they share the same Display names. Therefore they cannot be used for these projects at this time.

We'll be updating the Projects to accept a wider range of Bridge Officers (hopefully encompassing all possibilities), and should have that fix in next week's patch.

treffell 11-22-2012 10:47 PM

no, but reading this gave me an idea to get some and sell them on the exhange to fleeters

as a matter of fact a good pick up player should watch fkeeters concerns and cash in
especially if you donlt do fleets or fleet stuff

orian duty officers

what else ya need

1 mill and some dilithium is the price

ol fleeters, in pvp i refer to them as "targets"

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