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mimey2 11-25-2012 12:16 AM

"Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!"
So, we've been hearing bits and pieces about season 8, and what it might mean for the Klingon side.

On one end, we have the Fed v Klingon war. On the other, we have our two powers vs very nearly everyone else in the whole galaxy and beyond.

My thoughts are more on how this will affect the Klingons. On one end, the Federation is still plagued with the honorless Undine infiltrating their ranks. As such, there should be no peace until the Undine are purged out of the Federation, completely. On the other end though, there are other threats still looming, primarily the Iconians of course, but more on the direct home front, the Tal Shiar controlled by them.

Hakeev might be gone, but it doesn't mean that the Tal Shiar isn't strong, not to mention might be the most powerful espionage group currently in the known powers.

Really, the Federation and Klingons ARE the defense against the Iconians and anyone they manipulate. Romulans outside of the Tal Shiar are broken into a bunch of groups still. Cardassians are still building themselves back after the Dominion War, the Breen are pretty much doing their own thing, the Deferi are combating both the Breen and Borg. The Borg have been majorly weakened because of the attack on Unimatrix 01, and much less of a threat. Plus the more recent incursions by Tholians.

All that together combines into one doozy of a war-front. Even so, it'd be best for the game to end the Fed-Klingon war on a good, solid ending. A few missions (at end game) that'd pretty much put an end to this by getting rid of the Undine in the Federation and such.

Once that happens, we can just explain PvP and such with something like 'Section 31 manipulations, rogue Klingons, border skirmishes, or something else'.

Then and only then would the war ending be more acceptable to both sides and also allow the story to move past it as such.

But this is all presuming that's what will happen in season 8 to begin with.

purvee1 11-25-2012 12:20 AM


Originally Posted by mimey2 (Post 6778151)
So, we've been hearing bits and pieces about season 8, and what it might mean for the Klingon side.

It means nothing.

In two weeks it went from "Season 8 will be the KDF season" to "I'm not allowed to do anything for the KDF but I'll keep rooting for you guys!".

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news.

drkfrontiers 11-25-2012 02:28 AM


Q: (ebrithil1) As much as I love all the new content you've been pushing out for the Feds, I like my Klingons too. When can we expect to see you fulfill the promise you made to expand the content on the red side?

Dstahl: Personally, I?m still very committed to ensuring the KDF has levels 1-50, more so than I can even publicly talk about because it would involve going into details about all the internal conversations I?ve had within the company about this topic. It is my goal as EP to make this happen and the only thing that I can give you is that I?m fighting for it and want to do it. It just isn?t official yet.

Q: (ehgato) Can the Orions have their own bridge design? They currently use a standard Klingon bridge.

Dstahl: So far, we?ve only been able to build a few special replica bridges per year, but this is one of the bridges that we agree would be nice to have on the KDF side. We have long term plans to make some Gorn episodes, and in fact Season 7 was originally going to take place on the Gorn Homeworld, but was changed to New Romulus for reasons that will be revealed later. When we do come back and visit the Gorn (and possibly the Voth as well) we will get the opportunity to throw non-Klingon bridges onto the schedule.

Q: (ocp011) I was curious as to what exciting new additions are on the horizon?

Dstahl: Well? The updated and exhilarating Winter Event is coming up in early December ? there will be a new limited time ship associated with that along with tons of new prizes and events (including PvP snowball fights). In January we will be releasing a modern Federation Andorian ship, which looks amazing, but harkens back to the familiar design. In February, there will be the 3 Year Anniversary ship rewards, followed by the next lock box ship (which hasn?t been announced yet). We also have some costumes and Lobi store updates coming, as well as more missions related to Season 7. So plenty of stuff on the horizon!

Q: (vawlkus) Please tell me there?s a timeline to get Klingon?s back to starting at level 1. I flat our refuse to start a new character at level 20. Even if the missions aren?t there, let us figure out our way upwards.

Dstahl: Totally agree with you and I?m working on it getting it approved and have been ever since I returned as EP. I?m not giving up on this.

Q: (jonathanferro) Will we ever see a Klingon only adventure zone or Feature Episode series?

Dstahl: The expectation is that we will see more Adventure zones, and if we redo the Klingon Tutorial and early levels, we will most likely use a KDF exclusive adventure zone to do some of it. There are some Klingon only Episodes we are discussing but we haven?t set a timeframe that we can share with you yet.
I think that by and large this is positive, a much as it could be.

born2bwild1 11-25-2012 06:06 AM


Originally Posted by drkfrontiers (Post 6778761)
I think that by and large this is positive, a much as it could be.

No it is pure BS to keep KDF players playing with no real intention to do anything - he has said again and again that it's just not worth it to them.

So his job as EP is to say whatever BS to keep people thinking there is light at the end of the tunnel when there is none.

He is Exexcutive producer - but -can't say anything for sure - why? Who makes the decisions?

He is the EP - but can't say when? Why- who makes the decisions?

He says the buck stops with him and PWE does not get involved and all decisions have to be approved by him - but he is "fighing" to get the KDF done - fighing with who?

It's a lot of Horse ****

Shame on all of you for being fooled for the 1000th time.

"Fool me once - shame on you! Fool me twice - shame on me!"

farmallm 11-25-2012 07:06 AM

If we get something that is good, if not I won't be disappointed. So far playing KDF has been very lacking. Just now getting to the Breen story line. There could been so much done. Granted I hadn't saw the newest parts they added to the game yet. Hopefully it will be a little better.

Ships with nothing really new since I first got on back in spring. I looked at a couple other KDF ships from the C-store. So I might buy one soon. Seeing the current state of the KDF has me kinda so-so about buying ships and much stuff from the faction. If it improves I will be more happy to get more with KDF. Like a 2nd Capt., etc.

andoriansrus 11-25-2012 07:22 AM

Q: Whats coming for the KDF in season 8 ?

Dstahl: Beads, Whiskey and Polio infected Blankets.....

patrickngo 11-25-2012 08:10 AM

Honestly, after seeing Season 7's "Content" and the festival of returning bugs it spawned, I'm honestly not sure I WANT DStahl and Co. to touch the KDF.

I'm not sure they wouldn't issue out more damage to the faction, than their present policy of neglect, to be quite honest, and I'm REALLY not sure I could stomach "Farmville on Qo'nos" or "Poke-Qo'Nos" and more disgustingly saccharine cute animals, incompetent peasants, and menial tasks (See: New Romulus).

Maybe they should just keep their damn hands off, tbh.

farmallm 11-25-2012 02:13 PM

I hope to try a Foundry mission soon as I get my darn modem fixed. Since it acting up. I bet those are better and more KDF style.

bitemepwe 11-25-2012 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by andoriansrus (Post 6780581)
Q: Whats coming for the KDF in season 8 ?

Dstahl: Beads, Whiskey and Polio infected Blankets.....

Lol, Really love that quote do you?

andoriansrus 11-25-2012 05:47 PM

yeah I do Roach... and somehow it seems fitting with the current state of the game.... but all that aside I hold out no hope for anything for the KDF since the PWE is firmly ensconced into the Fed Players make us more $$$ than KDF players mentality

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