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lametiqo 11-26-2012 11:18 AM

Guide to Mine Trap
Mine trap is the new 20-man PVE event in which players attempt to save Romulan colonists from the Hfihar sector from the featured episode mission "Mine Enemy"in the "Cloaked Intentions" series.

The map is divided into four districts, Residential, Industrial, Mining, and Market. The mission is made up of 5 parts. Each part get consecutively more team intensive, so its inadvisable to stray from the district you were assigned. The mission awards primarily Romulan marks and secondarily Fleet Marks. The more civilians you save, the more marks are awarded.

In regards to pulsewaves. If you'e confused, just don't shoot. If the enemy is blue, just don't shoot. Period. Exclimation. Either switch to another weapon or just melee the enemy.

The districts are as follows:
The two extreme buildings 1 and 3(?) are the ones to keep a close eye on, since the large pit separates the district into two parts, making it difficult to go from building to building to building.
(haven't played this one often enough)
This is one of the easier districts to guard. All four buildings are in direct eye sight of one another. The only building to keep a close eye on is 2, which often gets attacked on the side.
Building 1 will be the hardest to guard because it's on the fringe of the district, in relation to the other 3 buildings. 1 person can guard it effectively, so long as they dedicate themselves to keeping the salt vampires away from the building.

Part 1:
(Note: this is probably the only time when it's okay to stray from your district to help others, provided your district has reached the 32 cap already).

Each district has 32 Romulan civilians to warn. You must approach them and tell them to seek shelter in the 4 buildings of the district (they will shelter themselves automatically once warned).

Some of the Romulans are actually Salt Vampires in disguise. When you warn them, they will morph into a salt vampire, and scare all the Romulans near them. You should dispatch the creature quickly as to not waste time. Be careful with AoE attacks, as the creature has psionic attacks. Its confuse attack will make your character model into a salt vampire yourself, and confuse you. Its other psionic attack will hold you. Keep yourself at range, as the Salt Vampires rely mostly on their physical attacks(they do have lunge).

Once you have rescued all 32 civilians, you must wait for the timer to run out to advance to the next part. If you do not warn all 32 civilians, they will be snatched by a Salt Vampire crawling out of the ground and die.

Part 2:
You must barricade the four buildings in your district to increase their health for the coming salt vampire onslaught. There are bins containing scrap metal all around the map, which you can find by scanning around if you are having trouble finding them. After you receive some scrap metal, you may reinforce a buildings walls, windows, and doors. Each bin has enough metal for 2 uses, so keep that in mind. Once the timer runs out, get ready to protect these buildings.

Part 3:
The salt vampires will come out of subterranean openings which are destroyable. They will come in four varieties. Hatchlings come in pairs and are easily dealt with. Adults are more aggressive and lunge at their targets. Betas will attempt to lure Romulans out of buildings at drain them. Alphas will confuse and hold you and your team.

Each building has a health bar over it. That bar indicates how much more damage the building can take before the Romulans inside die. Keep an eye on each of the bars and any announcements of buildings taking too much damage. Destroying the subterranean entrances should be secondary to securing the buildings. In other words, if a building has a salt vampire assaulting it, take care of them first above all else. If a Romulan is exiting a building, a Beta should be standing outside the door. Deal with it quickly or you will lose a Romulan.

Engineers should use quantum mortars or explosives. Tacticals should use crowd control (i.e. grenades, suppressing fire, etc.). Science should use control abilities (i.e. Electro-grav shift, anestazine, etc.).

Part 4:
You and your team must lead the Romulans to the district's designated evacuation point. They will know the way, just stay behind them to keep them moving along. Some will breakdown and stop moving, forcing you to interact with them to keep them moving. Note that at least one person must remain behind them to herd them to keep them moving.

The Romulans gather into 3 lines. As long as one person is behind the end of the line, they'll keep moving.

Salt vampires are laying in wait along the trail to ambush you. Some will even spawn from the ground. A good idea would be to have one or two team members take point to deal with these threats, while the other three keep the Romulans safe and moving.

If a Romulan dies, it is possible to resuscitate them, however the window for doing so is very small. If their body despawns, it is no longer possible.

Part 5:
Shuttles will come to evacuate 2-3 Romulans per shuttle. Meanwhile subterranean entrances will spawn and more salt vampires will come from them. Keep them away from the Romulans as the shuttle evacs them, and you should have no problem.

Once the mission succeeds, DO NOT LEAVE until you are awarded. Currently the awards aren't instantaneous, so if you leave before the score card come up you will not get anything.

If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, feel free to reply to this thread or PM me.

gavinruneblade 11-26-2012 12:32 PM

Something really helpful would be a map showing the locations of all the fortification material sites.

Also, is there actually enough to theoretically get all buildings fully reinforced or is it a triage scenario where at best you can only get 75%?

majortiraomega 11-26-2012 12:51 PM

For sections 4 and 5, it can be invaluable to have a science officer use the medic kit to heal the Romulan civilians. During this phase it is also crucial for players to avoid firing AoE weapons into the Romulan civilian crowd. Players are so used to having friendly fire turned off, but in this mission your allies can be killed. Pulsewave assault, assault miniguns, blast assault, grenades, mortars, induction field, mines, the omega autocarbine, dual pistol scatter fire, and wide beam pistols can end up slaughtering the very civilians you are trying to protect. When I play this mission, I tend to swap out my pulsewave for a compression pistol/split beam rifle and I keep a sniper rifle for secondary.

lametiqo 11-26-2012 05:58 PM

In regards to getting all the buildings fortified, it is possible, but that means you've probably taken the resources away from another district.

Precision weapons are nice, and they keep you from XCOM panicing when your confused by a Beta, but they also don't help clear out the salt vampires as fast. Pulsewaves aren't the best choice because it doesn't allow you to keep your distance from the vampires. The carbine is fine so long as you're not drawing attention from the Betas. The best strategy to start out with is have a crowd control weapon and a precision weapon. Use the crowd control weapon as your primary, but swap to the precision weapon when you confused so you can minimize the amount of collateral damage.

felderburg 11-27-2012 10:32 AM

I noticed that some of the resource bins have names like "Industrial Building Materials" (or something like that). Do we get more bang for our buck if we use residential materials on homes, marketplace on those buildings, etc.?

lametiqo 11-27-2012 05:06 PM

The name of the resources tells you which district it belongs to. The name doesn't matter. But if you don't want to mess up the other team, you should use those resources to reinforce their structures if it doesn't belong to your district.

badname834854 11-28-2012 10:26 AM

Engineers really shine here. Pulsewaves with an exploit weapon for the Alphas/Betas. If youa are an engie, use Enemy Neut kit to quickly wipe out mines. Fab kit works too, as the enemies move so slow the mortars can knock them and the little dirt mounds they spawn from.

lametiqo 11-28-2012 01:16 PM

Just be EXTREMELY careful when you're near a Alpha or Beta if you're going to use a close range weapon like a pulsewave. If you pulsewave when the Beta confuses you, you're going to be shooting a lot more than just the Salt Vampires since Pulsewave fire on either setting goes through multiple targets. If you're close to an Alpha, chances are it's going to try to hold you.

And if you're going to be using phaser turrets, put them in the thick of things to draw the attention off the Romulans. Putting them on the side isn't optimizing their potential utility.

monkeybone13 11-28-2012 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by gavinruneblade (Post 6797871)
Something really helpful would be a map showing the locations of all the fortification material sites.

Also, is there actually enough to theoretically get all buildings fully reinforced or is it a triage scenario where at best you can only get 75%?

I noticed this too. There never seems to be enough time or enough materials to fortify all buildings fully. You can get materials from each bin only twice.

lametiqo 11-28-2012 10:19 PM

The bit about the names telling you which bin belongs to district. That was a complete lie apparently. I have no idea what the names mean.

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