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baelogventure 11-27-2012 03:26 PM

New idea for a +Threat BOFF power
Tactical Skill starting at Ensign rank.

Name - Covering Fire

Weapons systems

Does not share CD with any current skill. Affects all weapons systems.

My idea is that this skill will work like an extremely weak (thinking 1/40th damage or something extremely low so it cannot be abused as a DPS skill) TS1, FAW1, and CSV1 combined together with the energy weapons having at most a 2-4sec burst, but the attack would generate an absurd (ie. Beam Cruisers easily pulling aggro from the most hardcore Escort Alpha Strike) amount of aggro on anything hit with it as well as boosting the ships innate Threat Control skill.

Higher ranks would not increase damage but threat generated as well as how many torps (think number of targets going up from TS1 to TS3)/energy weapons fired to pull more ships on you.

C'mon people, Tanks need an actual Threat skill in space.

jbmaverick 11-27-2012 03:46 PM

Trying to make sure I completely understand what you're suggesting, so don't take this the wrong way. You're suggesting a Boff ability that turns every weapon on the using ship into a multi-target ability (Beams firing randomly within firing arc, cannons firing within targeting cone of primary target, same for torpedos), while doing extremely diminished damage and generating a large amount of threat per hit?

If so, I think I like the idea, cruisers need more threat in particular. However, my cruisers rarely have more than 2 tactical BOFF powers (Tactical Team 1 and some damage skill, usually FAW, although I've experimented with more tac-heavy layouts for the precise problem we're addressing), and I wouldn't want to sacrifice my actual damage skill for a threat gen skill that deals such low damage. I think maybe 75% of normal damage would be adequate to avoid exploitation as a damage skill, no need to drop so low as 2.5% of normal damage. If you sacrifice too much damage for the threat control, then you'll quickly lose aggro again when the resident Alpha Striker makes another run, not to mention the fact that all the end-game content where this would be important have timers, and high DPS is just as important as the survivability of the team.

Edit: on second thought, I think I'd prefer to see this implemented as something more similar to an Attack Pattern, rather than a weapon ability. While active, the ability increases Threat Control by 100% and increases damage resistance and defense of the user by 15% (kind of throwing in random numbers that seem realistic). No damage increase means no exploitation in PvP (most ships would continue to prefer Attack Pattern Omega for defense boosts and evasion), but at the same time it makes it more viable for use on cruisers and doesn't have to worry about weird weapons like Hargh'Peng Torpedoes that aren't compatible with special torpedo attacks.

baelogventure 11-27-2012 04:51 PM

Yes, I am suggesting a low damage skill meant to pull threat from all of your weapons.

Perhaps if the +Threat was so massive that even with low damage whoever hit by this would be glued to you regardless.

I also have an idea for a Sci or Engi version that would be a Threat Copy.

Ensign level ability, no idea for a name.

The effect when used on a ship or ships (Could be a multi-target AOE like Scramble Sensors) is that your ship copies the Threat of the ship they are currently targeting. If you have any Threat Control ranks it compounds the Threat you copied.

Say an Escort just Alpha'd the Tac Cube and has Threat Rating 3000 (arbitrary numbers) with 0 Threat Control, while you have 2000 Threat Rating with 9 Threat Control. You use the Threat Copy, and it makes your Threat Rating 3000 (that of the current Escort) then compound that with somesort of math formula (Math Whiz I am not) with your Threat Control to end up having more Threat.

The easiest would be to just use 3000 x 9, but that might be overkill...perhaps overkill is needed.

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